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Two Russian folk songs in modern arrangement by S. Ekimov: “Oh, my river”, “Wiburnum on the mountain “. 

Moscow, 4 October, 2020

Music by F. Gruber, arr. by S. Khvoshchinsky, lirycs by J. Mohr

Translated by N. Averina

Russian folksong "Brooms" (arr. F. Rubtsov)

Two russian folksongs "In the Cherry Garden" (arr. V. Sokolov), "Wiburnum on the mountain" (arr. S. Ekimov)

Moscow concert hall "Zaryadye". 18 January, 2020

American folk song "Shanandoah" (arranged by Yulia Tikhonova)

Moscow concert hall "Zaryadye'. 18 January, 2020.

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VESNA Children’s Choir

The Ponomaryov VESNA Chidren’s Choir is a true miracle, created for ordinary kids at the North Moscow District.



Address: 2/21 Lenskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 (499) 186-73-31

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