Ponomaryov VESNA Children's Choir opened the jubilee 55th season in "Zaryadye"

Ponomaryov VESNA Children's SchoolOn January 18, 2020, the concert of Ponomaryov VESNA Children's School was first held in the "Zaryadye" Great Hall in Moscow. Sold out has become a pleasant gift for us.

Ponomaryov VESNA Children's School More than 360 singers aged from 6 to 16 performed as well as school graduates. In the first part of concert the youngest artists sang. The choirs presented works on winter topics and New Year's and Christmas songs as well as classical music, folk songs and compositions of famous Moscow composer Efrem Podgaits, who was presented in the hall. In the second part of the concert Ponomaryov VESNA Children's Choir performed his new theatrical program "Wreath of Folk Songs".

An amazing journey around the world, possible due to the sounded arrangements of folk songs from different countries, was exciting for the audience and was received with enthusiasm.

Some of the works were performed by the choir for the first time: the fantasy “Christmas” for French and Ukrainian folk songs, the Catalan song “Muntanyas del Canigo”, the African prayer “Indodana” and the spiritual “Ride on, King Jesus”.
We thank everyone who was with us that day - on stage, in the audience, and those who watched the live broadcast!